Grapevine Report


I am pleased to tell you that Roger Mitcham has recently joined us as a parish councillor. This means that we now have eight councillors and leaves just one vacant seat. If you would like to contribute to the running of village amenities and how the precept is spent, if you can spare a couple of hours a month (more if you like), then please contact the Parish Clerk and register your interest. Full training is available with the EALC. We are a friendly and active bunch who would welcome your input.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, council meetings will continue to be held remotely via Microsoft Teams on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm. You are welcome to attend, just email the Parish Clerk for the link.

Recreation Ground
Since the easing of lock-down the play equipment and recreation ground have been more popular than ever with residents and visitors alike. Unfortunately, this has also led to shocking levels of littering across the recreation ground and car park. The park belongs to all Bradfield residents so please treat it as if it were your own garden; put litter in the bins provided (these are emptied twice weekly) or if they are full then take it home with you. Taking it home with you is probably the better option as then you can put recyclables into your kerbside collection boxes.

If you take more than one child to the playground, please try and keep them together on one piece of equipment, and do not picnic under or too close to the equipment, this will allow other families to use the equipment whilst maintaining social distancing.

With the prolonged dry period and extreme temperatures that we have had this year some of our newly planted trees have sadly died. These will be replanted later in the year along with one of the apple trees in the wild orchard that has been broken in two. We have now installed an outside tap on the village hall which will enable us to keep the trees regularly watered until they are established. Bulbs will also be planted later in the year when the ground has softened a little.

We are still waiting for Tendring District Council to sign off the request to release S106 monies for the project to replace the wooden fencing around the under 7's play area and pedestrian entrance, and to relay the tarmac in the pedestrian entrance. As soon as this is released the work will begin.

The council will decide in October if the clothes recycling bin is to remain in the carpark. Due to the infrequency of emptying, the bin has simply become a fly-tipping magnet. When recycling your glass, remember that you should only put jars and bottles without lids into the bins, not crockery or Pyrex. Do not leave anything around the base of the bins on the ground, this is fly-tipping and you could be fined £50,000 if you do so!

Traffic and roads.
The Council have decided that Essex Highways' quote of £12,000 for the installation of four of the 'village gate' style signs at the entrances to the village is too much of an outlay at this time. We will now seek alternative prices from other independent companies or possibly just install two of the proposed signs, one on Wix Road and the other on Steam Mill Road.

The council has submitted a request to Essex Highways for dead end signs that also state "no turning, no parking facilities" to be placed at the entrances to Ship Lane and Shore Lane. Please feel free to park in the village hall car park if you wish to visit either of these places.

It has been noted that the studded crossing and dropped kerb near the village shop on Heath Road is often obstructed by parked cars making it difficult for pedestrians, wheelchair users and people with pushchairs to cross the road easily. The council will contact North Essex Parking Partnership requesting that a possible inspection be carried out and ask for advice on the painting of an H-Bar to solve the issue. If you are parking outside the shop, please take care not to block the dropped kerb area.

Telephone Kiosk at the Stranger's Home
You may have noticed that the telephone kiosk has recently been restored to its former glory. This work was completed by BT prior to its adoption by the Parish Council. As the kiosk is a listed building the council will need to apply to Tendring District Council Planning Department for "Change of use" so that it
can be repurposed as a book exchange.

The corroded streetlight on Heath Road has been cut down and the new column is awaiting installation. UK Power Networks will now have to perform the electrical transfer before this can be completed and this may take some time. A resident had noticed that two of the LED Street lights at the Heath Road end of Cansey Lane were different with one being unacceptably brighter than the other. This has now been rectified and the brighter one has been replaced with a bulb that matches the other. Five streetlights around the village contained SOX bulbs that were reaching the end of their lives, these have been replaced with LED bulbs.

Planning Matters
The council have submitted a comprehensive objection comment to The Planning Inspectorate for an appeal made in relation to the refusal of planning application 19/00738/FUL, Land rear of 1 & 2 The Paddocks, Windmill Road, Bradfield.

The additional purchase of land adjacent to the cemetery has finally been completed. The council can now begin to plan the planting of hedges and trees in and around this new space. The existing cemetery was a little neglected in the months after the lock-down was eased. I am pleased to say that is once again looking neat and tidy. The hedges here and around the recreation ground are due to be cut imminently now that the nesting season has ended. The council is requesting that Tendring District Council provide us with a bin (paid for by the Parish Council) that is emptied weekly along with the other refuse bins around the village.

Litter Pick
There will be a litter pick on Saturday 3rd of October, we will meet at 9:50am in the Village Hall car park for a 10am start, we look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!

The Finance Committee met virtually on the 28th of July 2020. During Q1 the council had a total income of £30,844.83, including the first instalment of TDC's precept payment and small parish grant, cemetery and recycling credits. The clerk noted that a further £12,048.84 of reclaimed VAT for 2018/19 and 2019/20 had been received in July. Total net payments for Q1 was £19,533.24 plus an additional £1,416.13 VAT which is to be reclaimed. Earmarked reserves as at the end of Q1 was £45,289.89, including a contingency reserve of £25,000 for emergency repairs, leaving a capital reserve of £21,760.16. As at the 11th September 2020 the current account held £2,282.30 and the savings account £81,273.18.

Kreon Wynn
Chairman of Bradfield Parish Council

The report can be downloaded in PDF format here.

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