Grapevine Report


I am pleased to tell you that Jason Welsh was welcomed to the council at our meeting in July. Jason fills the ninth and final vacant seat on the council.

The Queens Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend 2022
What a fantastic weekend we had, the weather could have been a little kinder, but in true British style everyone carried on regardless. Thank you to all those individuals, businesses, and groups who took part in the preparations and operations over the weekend, and a huge thanks to all of you took part in the celebrations, together we raised £2250 for the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance charity!

Roads and Environment
Once again, I can only report that there have been more delays in the installation of the gate style village signs. Rose Builders have taken delivery of the signs, but unfortunately Essex Highways appear to have moved the goal (gate) posts again and there are now more forms for the clerk to complete. Hopefully the new signs will be installed before the end of the year!

The working party created to review all street and road signs within the parish with a view to replacing or reinstating wherever deemed necessary, have been unable to meet as yet, but they expect to report back to the council in September with their findings.

Tendring District Council has informed the council that the application for timed parking restrictions along the Wix Road sliproad and around the Village Maid have been sent to the North Essex Parking Partnership for consideration at their October meeting.

The defibrillator and cabinet outside the village hall will be replaced due to the defibrillator being an outdated model for annual servicing purposes and the cabinet being corroded.

The recent defibrillator training sessions that were provided by the Manningtree First responders have been extremely well received. Further sessions will be held towards the end of January 2023. A special thanks to Ray Ablett who takes these sessions and also oversees and attends the maintenance of our defibrillators.

Recreation Ground
Due to the popularity of the recreation ground, the council requests that those who use the ground for group sporting activities first contact the Parish Clerk so that time clashes between user groups can be avoided. Anyone hiring the hall who wishes to use the grounds for bouncy castles etc must request permission from the Parish Council in the first instance.

Following a survey of the trees in and around the recreation ground, the recommended works have recently been completed on selected trees.

The Council recently revisited a request for adult gym equipment to be installed. It had been noted that where such equipment had been installed at nearby locations the equipment did not seem to be in regular use. The Council therefore decided that due to the high cost involved in installing such equipment and a concern for overdevelopment of the grounds, not to take the suggestion any further.

Bradfield Village Hall
Following resignations from the BVH committee, two new trustees have been recruited meaning that there are now four. Steve Gunter as the new BVH Chair, has been working around the clock to keep the village hall running and open. He expects that an AGM will be held in September 2022 and that the BVH committee will be seeking further volunteers in due course. The council are grateful to Steve for all his efforts and look forward to supporting the BVH in any way they are able.

Boules Pitch
As I reported in the last issue the council had agreed to install a 15m x 4m boules pitch on the recreation ground, the location chosen for this to be installed was to have been between the entrance road and the under 7's playground running parallel to The Street. Due to a couple of complaints about this siting, the Council is now also considering an alternative site running parallel to the entrance path to the hall, between the path and the football pitch. The final decision will be made at the council meeting in September.

At the Council's meeting in June, the Accounting Statements of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021/2022 were approved and signed. These are currently on display in the Parish Council noticeboards.

As at the 14th of July 2022 the Council's current account held £3,391.86 and the savings account £97,088.40. Of this £ 50,808.98 is earmarked reserve and £32,732.28 is general reserve which is there for use in case of emergencies.

Kreon Wynn
Chairman of Bradfield Parish Council

The report can be downloaded in PDF format here.